Shawna Rice

As an accomplished Executive Senior Partner, Shawna distinguishes herself with a remarkable blend of expertise in Leadership Diversity recruiting. Her results-oriented approach, honed through diverse experiences spanning educational start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, is demonstrably successful in attracting top-notch talent and facilitating complex search processes to deliver unmatched results for clients.

Leveraging a rich background in the fast-growing startup environment and workforce sectors, Shawna excels in orchestrating the entire recruitment procedure. She holds a particular niche in Accounting & Finance, managing every phase proficiently—from scouting and vetting candidates to negotiating and securing outstanding offers.

Shawna’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives over the past nine years stands as a testament to her strategic vision. Her unwavering quality, integrity, and readiness to go above and beyond have fostered resilient bonds with stakeholders at all organizational tiers, cementing her reputation as a trusted industry expert.

At the core of her success is her knack for nurturing personable relationships with both candidates and clients. Shawna adeptly handles multiple concurrent opportunities, maintaining a pipeline of highly qualified candidates ready to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. Her consultative approach, complemented by thorough research, deep industry insights, and cutting-edge recruitment technologies, enables her to pinpoint and introduce top-tier candidates to clients with efficiency and finesse, reinforcing her pledge to excellence in every endeavor