Executive Search for the Finance & Fintech Industry

Transition to cloud, increased cyber risk, and digital trends in finance are requiring financial services leaders to be agile. Digital transformation journeys are alleviating struggles with outdated technologies in FinTech, which is also changing due to modern consumer expectations. Current interest rates, regulatory pressure, and inflation are nothing new to experienced executive industry professionals. Bonn Search Partners is here to help the industry navigate these challenges. We provide executive search solutions tailored to the unique needs of each sector for better results.

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Roles We Place

Finance & FinTech

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Compliance

Vice President of Sales

Vice President of Asset Management

Vice President of Investment Banking

Sectors We Serve

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Asset & Investment Management

The Asset & Investment Management sector faces regulatory scrutiny, intense competition, high operational costs, and market volatility. Executives need to be capable of managing these challenges, optimizing processes, and navigating the complex regulatory landscape. They also need to be adept at leveraging technology to improve efficiency and customer service. Bonn Search Partners specializes in finding leaders who can bring their employer to a higher level.

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Consumer & Commercial Finance

Consumer & Commercial Finance grapples with data security, regulatory compliance, and the need for digital transformation. Executives in this sector must be adept at managing these risks, staying compliant with evolving regulations, and leading digital innovation to meet changing consumer expectations. Bonn Search Partners can help in the search for leaders who can effectively navigate these challenges and drive growth.

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Corporate Banking & Capital Markets

Corporate Banking & Capital Markets face challenges such as balancing competitiveness with risk management, dealing with economic and regulatory obstacles, and navigating the complex landscape of mergers and acquisitions. Executives in this sector need to be capable of refining growth strategies, managing risks effectively, and leading transformative projects. Bonn Search Partners finds leaders who can meet these challenges and drive the business forward.

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The Insurance sector is undergoing significant changes due to technological advancements, regulatory changes, and evolving consumer expectations. Challenges in this sector include data security, regulatory compliance, and the need for digital transformation. Executives in this sector must be adept at managing these risks, staying compliant with evolving regulations, and leading digital innovation to meet changing consumer expectations. Bonn Search Partners helps find leaders who can get their teams to perform at their best and bring positive changes.

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