Creating a Culture of Creativity

woman being creative working on a strategy

In the contemporary business landscape, companies face a compelling imperative: the imperative to transcend the ordinary. Mere maintenance of the status quo is no longer sufficient. Companies must perpetually push the boundaries, embrace novel concepts, and cultivate open channels of communication to fully harness the capabilities of their teams. However, the question remains: How can…

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Diverse Executive Boards Build Stronger Organizations

diverse group of board members meeting

The importance of diversity and inclusion in today’s business environment cannot be overstated. Organizations strive for growth, innovation, and long-term success. An executive board plays a pivotal role in shaping strategic direction, driving change, and fostering a culture of excellence. Naturally, a diverse board offers range of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds that a non-diverse one…

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Understanding Multigenerational Diversity

Two young women and one older woman with a tablet

As quickly as they change, organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of diversity and inclusion. However, this notion extends beyond mere gender, race, or ethnicity diversities. A crucial aspect that shapes the modern workplace is the multigenerational workforce. Understanding the unique attributes, values, and perspectives of different generations is key to harnessing the power of…

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Language is an Indicator of Belonging

eight people working on laptops phones notepads at a table

Diversity means a lot of things. Finding the right candidates for hard-to-fill positions within companies across various industries requires identifying individuals with the necessary skills and experience. But, also people who will add to the company culture and become an integral part of the team. Language, I believe, plays a pivotal role in this process…

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